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Entrance Sign at Kathan's Homestead Berries
Entrance Sign
Four staff members with box of strawberries
Staff with Berries
Looking down rows in the strawbery patch
View of Patch
Two staff members with strawberries, in the berry shed
Staff in Shed
Two staff members with owner Jeff Kathan
Staff and Owner
Delivery trucks beside the strawberry patch
Delivery Trucks
Children enjoying themselves by the strawberry patch
Children by Berries
Newly planted strawberries with a shed in the background
Newly planted w/shed
People picking strawberries with their vehicles in the foreground
Distant Patch
The road leading to the strawberry patch
Road to Patch
Staff member helping a customer with a strawberry carrier
Helpful Staff
The strawberry shed and parking
Strawberry Shed
Staff member carrying a box of strawberries in the strawberry patch
Carrying Strawberries
People picking their own strawberries, with newly planted strawberries in the foreground
New Strawberries
Staff members working in the strawbery shed
Shed Workers
Customer picking up a strawberry boxes for picking
Getting Boxes
People starting the day picking their own strawberries
Starting to Pick
People picking their own strawberries in the strawberry patch
Pickers in Patch
Customers paying for the strawberries they just picked
Buying Strawberries
Customer pick your own strawberries in the starwberry shed
Picked Strawberries
Close up of customers paying for the strawberries they just picked
Paying for Strawberries


=A view of the raspberry patch
Raspberry Patch
Young man with boxes of picked raspberries
Holding Raspberries
Boxes of picked raspberries
Picked Raspberries
Kathan's Homestead Vignette
Homestead Vignette
Picking Raspberries
Picking Raspberries